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December 20, 2018

Missouri Lottery Achieves Highest Industry Distinction for Responsibility

            The Missouri Lottery’s dedication to integrity and responsible gaming has received international recognition through the World Lottery Association (WLA). A Level 4 certification under the WLA’s Responsible Gaming Framework signifies a categorical integration of responsibility practices at all levels of an organization and a commitment to continuous improvement. The Missouri Lottery is one of eight United States lotteries to receive a Level 4 accreditation.

            “The integrity of our organization is vital to our success, and this certification validates our efforts,” said May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. “The Lottery has generated billions of dollars for public education, and I’m proud to say that we have done so responsibly.”

            With a Level 1 certification bestowed with a WLA membership, the Lottery formalized its devotion by successfully pursuing certifications for Level 2 in 2013 and Level 3 in 2015. To achieve the Level 4 distinction, the WLA’s independent panel of corporate social responsibility experts evaluated the Lottery’s responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility efforts based on 10 core business functions.

In its assessment review of the Lottery’s Level 4 submission, the WLA commended the Lottery for an overall program improvement in the three years since its last certification and a “clear management commitment and sufficient allocated resources.”

“We have always viewed a Level 4 certification as a capable goal. So much so that we included the pursuit of this certification in our two most recent strategic plans,” said Reardon. “This process has challenged us to improve our efforts, and I believe that we are more prepared to serve our stakeholders because of this experience.”

Some of the program improvements pursued in preparation for this certification include:

The Lottery’s certification is valid until December 2021, when it must recertify its program with the WLA. For more information about the Lottery’s responsible gaming program, visit Individuals struggling with a gambling problem and their loved ones are encouraged to contact 1-888-BETSOFF to access free help.